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the resurrection series. 

launching.... OCTOBER 2021

A monthly event.  Developed to start a dialogue between audience and artist. For open and honest discussions. Each month, I will introduce you to two brand new paintings, along with the themes and thoughts behind them. If you want one of the paintings, they are available to buy that month. Any not sold will be resurrected, layer after layer, month after month, becoming something new. every month, Two new works. Some paintings may be bought from their first life. Others may be on their 4th or 5th life, before they find their home. Responding to the ever changing landscape of life and how as humans, we always find a way to adapt. the paintings in this series each carry their own story and their own history. 

Welcome to the resurrection series.


the red field. 2021             

oil-charcoal-acrylic-on linen canvas. 100x70cm. email 


I'll never love again. 2021

oil-charcoal-on linen canvas. 100x70cm.  email 

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